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Buffet Menu

Buffets are probably the most common form of serving at any meal or dinner. The variety of flavors and the right presentation are the key factors to a successful buffet menu!


Served Menu

There are many forms of serving. But a formally served menu is the most demanding of its kind. Little has changed over time. Anticipating each subsequent dish is half the pleasure, The other half has to do with cooking and serving by Samiotakis Catering

Live Cooking

Samiotakis Catering can turn cooking into entertainment! Live cooking stations are a trend that is now becoming a classic! Our specially trained cooks will leave your guests with the best impressions!


Cocktail Party

Hot or cold, the dishes from the rich list of Samiotakis Catering will excite your guests, not only with their taste but also with their appearance. Flawlessly presented, they will offer an unforgettable culinary experience to your guests

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